Return to Masjid Guidelines

Return to Masjid Guidelines

Assalaamu Alaikum brothers and sisters. Alhamdolillah, FatabaarakAllah, Allaho Akbar.
By the grace of Allah Subhanahu Wataa’ala, insha Allah, King Fahad Mosque will re-open from Tuesday June 9,2020 for Salaahtul Isha only. All attendees are requested to come with facemask on, and bring their own prayer rugs. No exceptions!  Please arrive after 9:30 PM only. Gates will be closed at 9:45 PM sharp.

We are requesting a strict adherence to these guidelines so that our Masjid remains open. Jazakumullah khairan. See you all back. Allaho Akbar.

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  • All attendees returning to the masjid must adhere to the following guidelines:
  • Arrive 20 minutes before Salat Iqamah
  • Bring a completed and signed waiver form and a copy of your legal identification with you before each salaah
  • Put on your masks before entering the masjid
  • Do not remove your mask while you are at the masjid
  • Leave immediately after prayers are completed
  • Only Fardh prayers are allowed. Please read sunnah and nawafl at home
  • Submit your written confirmation of good health and release of liability along with ID prior to each salaah
  • Walk towards a designated area of prayer only.
  • Bring your own prayer rug and make sure you take it back with them
  • Ensure that the minimum size of the prayer rugs is 45 by 27” in size.
  • Do your wudu at home, and if you need to use the restroom or make wudu again, please leave and go home to make your wudu
  • Practice social distancing at all times while at the masjid premises.
  • Do not shake hands and avoid physical contact.
  • Do not bring food into the masjid.
  • Put your prayer rug at the designated spot only
  • Do not socialize with each other or the imam while you are present at the masjid
  • Leave in an orderly fashion, as instructed by the masjid attendees
  • Sisters will be provided with a designated area marked to pray
  • Congregation is advised to keep a hand sanitizer in their cars, to use immediately after entering their car, and to refrain from touching their eyes and face until hands are disinfected.
  • Gloves are not permitted. Please wear masks or face shields only
  • Any individual suffering from illness or has been around a sick patient, please stay at home
  • Children below the age of 14 and elders over 65 are not permitted at this time
  • Men and women accompanied with children will not be permitted to enter the mosque in this phase
  • Read and Review the masjid reopening implementation plan prior to coming to the masjid

Do the following

  • Do – Use the facemask to completely cover your nose and mouth
  • Do – Read the directions provided to you on use of the medical facemask
  • Do – Put the facemask on properly and adjust it as necessary while in the masjid
  • Do – Wash your hands and face after removing the facemask before touching your face
  • Do – Keep the facemask clean by laundering or ironing
  • Do – Replace your facemask right away if it becomes damaged or in any way unsanitary

Don’t do the following

  • Don’t – Let the facemask obstruct your vision
  • Don’t – Wear a facemask that causes any difficulty in your ability to breathe
  • Don’t – Wear a facemask that causes your safety glasses or reading glasses to fog up and impair your vision
  • Don’t – Let your facemask hang down around your neck
  • Don’t – Place your facemask on a surface where it may contaminate the surface or lay it on a surface that may already be contaminated
  • Don’t – Use your facemask if it is damaged in any way
  • Don’t – Remove your face mask while in the masjid